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What are some interesting facts about Science City, Kolkata?

 Science City is one among the finest and largest science museums in the world which was inaugurated on 1 July 1997. Under the National Council of museum , Science City has been declared because the largest science center of the entire Indian subcontinent which is a matter of pride for the entire country from which Kolkata has gained a new identity.

What are some interesting facts about Science City, Kolkata?
Science City of Kolkata

This place may be a major attraction center of Kolkata for science lovers as well as Indian and foreign tourists, which attracts thousands of tourists per annum . Tell It Science City may be a perfect blend of education with science and entertainment, with a special section dedicated to the aquatic world during which you can learn about every minute detail about different fish and insects in the aquatic world. This place is certainly one of the best places to visit Kolkata with your family, friends and youngsters where you can get various important information related to science along with visiting.

In this article, we are visiting give you complete information about Science City of Kolkata in Hindi, so read it completely –

Major Attractions of Science City

Dynamion Hall
The Dynamion Hall performs on a spread of science subjects to encourage tourists to enjoy the underlying scientific principles, etc. There are visiting be organic in it, a number of the most prominent are as follows –

Illusion: This permanent exhibition showcases the planet of illusion with interactive displays that show how motion and placement differentiate in visual perception.

The powers of ten: 43 show the best exposition of the universe by zooming in and out in the order of ten.

Aquariums: There are 26 sorts of freshwater fish in this aquarium, during which every minute and detail can be learned about different fish and insects. .

Live Butterfly Enclave: Tell us that a colony of live butterflies has been formed during which the entire life cycle of a butterfly is shown through a film which gives a very special experience to the tourists visiting here.

Earth Exploration Hall
Earth Exploration Hall or Earth Exploration Hall is one among the major attractions of Science City which was inaugurated on 6 December 2008 by Ambika Soni, the then Union Minister of Culture of India. This permanent exhibition is housed during a two-storey semi-circular building, which displays its details. On the bottom floor is the Southern Hemisphere and on the first floor is the Northern Hemisphere. the huge Earth globe is divided into 12 sections from the center of the hall. Also, all the essential features of each section including geography, land, people, flora, fauna and other natural phenomena on the face of the world have been demonstrated with the help of modern day technologies, multimedia, video walls, panoramic videos, computers.

a space Odyssey
Space Odyssey may be a type of space theater that consists of the Helios Star Ball Planetarium which is shown through a large format film projection system with 150 special effects projectors and a seating arrangement in a 23-meter diameter dome. one among the films shown here is ‘Adventures in Wild California’, a 40-minute film which is being screened here since June 2013.

A show supported stereo back projection system which is also held here in which tourists can experience the 3D effect by the Polaroid spectacles in the 3D vision theater. Also a virtual experience of space flight or travel during a casual world can be felt here by a 30-seater motion simulator hydraulic motion control control machine.

Maritime Center
The center displays India’s maritime history, its artifacts, dioramas and interactive shipping also as navigation systems. It also features a quiz corner where you can get answers to your questions.

Science park
Science park may be a place where you can learn about plants, animals and other objects within the natural environment. Another interesting fact about the performances shown here is that they need been engineered in such a way that they can endure any season.

Exploration hall
Exploration Hall or Science Exploration Hall may be a structure covering an area of ​​5400 square meters which was opened in 2016. This exploration hall is split into four sections.

A Gallery of Emerging Technologies
A dark ride – development of life
360 degree projection – Panorama on human development
A gallery showing India’s science and technology heritage is included.

Other Science City facilities

In addition to these attractions mentioned above, there are many other facilities available in Science City which function as many programs, meetings, and seminars –

Grand Theater
The Grand Theater is that the largest auditorium in eastern India with a capacity to seat 2232 people with a stage for 100 performers at a time.

Mini auditorium
The mini auditorium is the venue for smaller conferences and events, with seating of roughly 390 people.

Seminar building
There are eleven halls during this building, during which –

Four halls with a capaciousness of 100 persons,
Two halls with a capaciousness of 40 persons
Two halls with a capaciousness of 30 persons
Two halls with a capaciousness of 15 persons
The hall may be a hall for 12 persons.
In these conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops are organized.

Science City Kolkata Timing

9.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Entry fees of Science City Kolkata

If you're going on a trip to Science City Kolkata and are searching about the entry fees of Science City Kolkata, then allow us to tell you that the anti fee of Science City is Rs 50 per person but if you are in any show or other happening inside If you are going to have a party in the activities, then for that you simply will have to take a separate ticket, which are some things like this –

Entry fee: Rs 50 per person
3D theater: Rs 30 per person
Road train: Rs 20 per person
Cable car: Rs 40 per person
Mono cycle: Rs 10 per person
Gravity Coaster: Rs 30 per person
‘Dark Ride’ and ‘Human Evolution’: Rs 80.00 per perstion

Places to go to around Science City Kolkata

Victoria Memorial
Jorasanko Thakur Bari
Mother House
Birla Temple
Calcutta Jain Temple
Kalighat Temple
Science city
St. John’s Church
Indian Museum
St Paul’s Cathedral
Belur Math
Nakhoda Mosque
Park Street
Howrah Bridge
Birla Planetarium
Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary
Marble Palace
Birla Temple
Botanical Garden
Garden of Eden
Science city
Birla Industrial and Technology Museum
Rabindra Sarovar
Shobhbazar rajbadi
Ecotourism Park
Alipur Zoo
Kamarpukur, Kolkata
Nikko Park
Prinsep Ghat
State Archaeological Gallery
Best time to go to Science City

By the way, you'll visit Science City Kolkata at any time of the year, but if you would like to visit Science City as well as other tourist places of Kolkata, for this, you visit Kolkata between the months of autumn and winter between October and February. Most months are for Avoid traveling to Kolkata during summers starting in March because the temperature in Kolkata reaches 45 degree Celsius during this time.

Where did you stop in Kolkata’s trip

If you're planning to visit Science City and other tourist places of Kolkata and are searching hotels to stay in your journey, then allow us to tell you that in Kolkata you will find hotels from low-budget to high-budget. Which you'll select according to your choice.

Famous food to dine in Kolkata

Kolkata city is most known for the local Bengali cuisine, which remains popular among all the tourists visiting here. Most Bengali cuisine revolves around food rice and fish. And aside from Bengali cuisine, one can enjoy fine English cuisine, continental, North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine, Mexican and Italian cuisine at various restaurants within the city. you'll also find an example of Tibetan food, during which Momos and Thuppa are quite popular and widespread. aside from this, Kolkata city also offers Bengali sweets like Rasgulla, Chamcham, Rasmalai, Shondesh, Cream Chup and other Bengali sweets.

How to reach Science City Kolkata

If you're planning to visit Science City in Kolkata with your family or friends and want to know how to reach Science City Kolkata? So let us tell you that you can reach Science City Kolkata by choosing any of the roads, railways and airways.

If you would like to know about other modes of transportation to Kolkata, then you want to read the information given below by us.

How to reach Science City Kolkata by flight

If you're planning to fly to Science City Kolkata by flight, then allow us to tell you that Kolkata has its own domestic airport, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, which is found about 17 kilometers from Science City. After reaching Kolkata Airport by traveling by flight, you'll book metro, auto, taxi or cab from here and reach Science City.

How to go to Science City Kolkata by road

If you've got opted for the road to Science City Kolkata, then allow us to tell you that Kolkata is well connected by road to all major cities of India along with West Bengal. Regular bus services to Kolkata also are available from almost any part of India. From Delhi, it takes a few day to reach Kolkata via NH 19. Buses also are available from nearby citie like Kharagpur, Haldia etc. So you'll easily reach Science City Kolkata by traveling by bus, taxi or your private car at your convenience.

How to get to Science City Kolkata by train

If you would like to travel by train to Science City Kolkata, then we'll give you Howrah and Sealdah are the two main railway stations in Kolkata which are connected to all the major stations in India and are the gateway to north-eastern India. So you'll travel by train from major cities of India to Howrah and Sealdah railway station. And from the railroad station you can reach your fixed place with the help of auto, taxi cab or other local vehicles.

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